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We accept the following Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and Insurances

American Behavioral

Blue Cross and Blue Shield


Viva (must be regular Viva, NOT Viva UAB)

ACI Speciality Benefits

ESI Employee Assistance Program

Bright Health

Spring Health

United Health Care



Please note that not all therapists can accept all insurances. Please contact your individual therapist to be sure they can accept your insurance.

We accept Alabama Medicaid for teens ages 14 - 20. Please fax referrals to (205) 777-5939. (We are not able to take Medicaid for ages above 20)

If your Insurance is not listed above:

We are NOT able to accept Medicare.

If your insurance is not listed, but you have PPO insurance or insurance with "out of network" benefits, you may be able to get reimbursed for my fees from your insurance company. After you make payment to me, I can give you a statement (called a superbill) which you can then send in to your insurance company to ask for reimbursement for your session(s). Different insurances reimburse different amounts. Please contact your insurance company to determine if you have out of network benefits and get more information.
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